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Lol 5 years ago
"She can't take it" nigga let's see you get a dick like that shoved up your ass DRY and see if you can "take it" lmao
Funny guy 5 years ago
He act like he can take a dick up his ass lmao. Gtfo niggee
This guy is dumb nigga 6 years ago
"She can't take it" wtf if you know how to fuck you wouldn't have shoved your duck In her ass. You're pathetic my dude. Thinking she can't handle your penis acting like it's big.
It was funny 5 years ago
Comedy porn makes me laugh.
Umm... 5 years ago
I'm just trying to figure out how you slip out some pussy with 14 inches of dick if she's taking like 12 of that shit.
Darcy69 5 years ago
thats was too much for her
No.1 3 years ago
That's guy fucking idiot tho and he talked shit in the end, fucking retard
Priya 3 years ago
I like anal and big penise ...can some one fuck me hard my pussy want dick very badly
TRUTH 6 years ago
Racism to racist is like a religion, it's something that they strongly believe in no matter what they see or are told otherwise. So don't waste your time with them.
Anonymous 11 months ago
My bf accidentally went up my ass once and that shit actually hurts, I never did anal before and I wasn’t ready for it either. We agreed that if we ever tried anal we would use a bunch of lube and go in slow. The pain I endured was like a HUGE wave of painful ass shock, so bad I couldn’t even scream. Atleast his ass apologized to me and we stopped it there