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Dominik 2 years ago
She'll end up like Kylie; full of STDs, childless, barren, old and alone. She's an old used rag now. Beating cancer and having a very resistant little body are her only talents to be honest. Wasted her life doing dope and screwing ugly people instead of having a decent life. All her boyfriends have cheated on her, that dumb singer is such a winner, wow. At least Kylie used to look more young than she was. Vanna looks older than she is, she's not going to age well, she won't be a MILF.
Ugh 3 years ago
Her chuckle is annoying
Tippin 2 years ago
All women pretend that they are modest but under all that modesty they love to a big cock fucking their brains out
1 year ago
Nice trim on her pussy hairs
Desert D 3 years ago
How great are sluts!? Honestly
HornyWolf 2 years ago
The fun thing about this series is that the girls talk, they seem to be having fun, and they're sexy as hell. Love that we get to see their cunts early and often, and not some big hairy cock for 10 minutes. One long hard cock straight up.
2 years ago
Looks to me like she been fucked and bored out hard !
Mike 2 years ago
I think she's liking it.
1 year ago
That pussy is one of a kind. She can make you feel like your the only man alive.
Edub 2 years ago
My Gawww, Vanna has been the cause of,many, hard, long, dirty fuck sessions between my side chic ,and I am her side guy. I fucking love her ass,and especially when she is wearing a pair of sexy little gstrings.